With summer slowly coming to an end, the chance of encountering wet conditions on your ride is growing every day. Now we know no one likes riding in soaked bib shorts or going bike packing and finding your clean clothes wet in your bag. But staying indoors also isn’t really an option if you want to keep the shape you built during the summer months.

This is why we are going to help by showing you how to make your textile cycling gear waterproof. Not just your bib shorts, but also your jersey, jacket, bags, and tent can be made waterproof by following these instructions.

What do you need to make your cycling gear waterproof?

To make your cycling gear waterproof we need two things:

  • A stretchable waterproof coating, like our brand new Dr. Dry
  • The piece of gear you want to make waterproof.

How to make your cycling gear waterproof step-by-step.

Step 1: Preparation

To ensure optimal effect and durability, we need to make sure the item you want to waterproof is completely clean. Wash the item with a mild laundry detergent without any softeners or other additives. Softeners and additives create a layer over the textile, making it impossible for Dr. Dry to properly adhere to the fibers.

Step 2: Application

Spray Dr. Dry on the item from about 10 cm away. Ensure the entire item receives an even application and is soaked with the product. This ensures that all fibers receive a coating and no gaps are left. If you apply too sparingly, you might run into a situation where a certain patch might not be waterproof and will allow water to pass through.

Step 3: Drying

Let the piece of gear dry for 24 hours. This ensures the coating reaches maximum strength.

The waterproof coating will reduce in strength approximately 20% with each washing cycle. To achieve optimum durability, wash the treated item with a mild detergent without additives or softeners.

Now you are all set for your next wet ride!

How long does the impregnation last?

The impregnation loses about 20% of its strength with each wash. In order to achieve optimal durability, we recommend that you wash the treated garment with a mild detergent without additives or fabric softener.

You should therefore repeat the impregnation after every fifth wash at the latest. If necessary, you can use the impregnation spray earlier.

What can you do with Dr. Dry Textile Coating

Our waterproofing spray Dr. Dry is characterized by the fact that stretchable materials can also be impregnated. Therefore, Dr. Dry can be used to impregnate the following products:

  • Cycling clothing or sportswear (jerseys, cycling shorts, jackets, socks)
  • Cycling shoes or sports shoes
  • Bikepacking bags, backpacks or hip bags
  • Tent, tarp and sleeping bag
  • Hats and handkerchiefs
  • Gloves
  • Extra: Skiing gear (jackets, pants)

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Meet Dr. Dry

Meet Dr. Dry; a planet friendly spray-on coating that can make any textile water repellant. No more soggy bib-shorts from a short rain shower. No more leaking tents or wet bike packing bags.

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