Turbo Towel

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Turbo Towel
Turbo Towel

The Turbo Towel isn't just any cloth; it's a large-scale polishing towel. Its ample size and superior quality make it a great tool for achieving professional-grade results during your bike cleaning activities. Experience the huge water absorption abilities of the Turbo Towel and enjoy easy drying and polishing.


Wrap up your bike washing process by utilizing the Turbo Towel to dry your frame, wheels and other components. The gentle fabric is an excellent choice for applying Protective Wax to your frame, among other uses.

Once you're done, toss the Turbo Towel into your washing machine for easy cleaning, allowing you to reuse it for your next bike cleaning session.

Complete your bike wash routine by drying and polishing your bike with the Turbo Towel, a top-notch luxury microfiber cloth. This incredibly soft towel is the ideal choice for applying products like Protective Wax to your frame, guaranteeing a flawless finish.

Dimensions: 80 x 40 cm.

Pro tip: the Turbo Towel is machine washable, so they can be used time and time again.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Lisa (Bremen, DE)
Perfekt fürs Finish

Super zum Trocknen und Polieren (auch bei mattem Lack)!
Dank der Größe lässt es sich gut falten, so dass man vor der ersten Wäsche lange etwas davon hat.

Teun Sollie (Leiden, NL)

towel hold so much water. Super soft and great for drying the bike. Nicest towel I have used to dry the bike and myself haha

Rico (Frankfurt am Main, DE)

Ein perfektes Tuch. Das Bike ist damit schnellstens trocken und poliert. Durch die längere Größe und auf beiden Seiten die kurze Fasern. Hat man genug Fläche das ganze Bike zu trocknen und poliert es ohne Rückstände. Ein Traum für matten Lack.

Cathi (Lautertal, DE)
Perfect drying after washing

The towel has the perfect size to dry the bike frame after an extensive bike wash. In addition it is beautiful fluffy and provides a sensitive care to the frame.

Philip Anderson (Kaiserslautern, DE)
Very soft and hold so much water

This towel hold so much water. Super soft and great for drying the bike. Nicest towel I have used to dry the bike. I am really liking the size and softness, so nice I will get another one for using on myself when on the trainer this winter.