From Saturday 2 to Sunday 10 April, it’s Dynamic Green Week!

Dynamic Bike Care pays a lot of attention to developing planet-friendly products. In the last 18 months, we have launched several products that minimize the impact on the planet. To celebrate this, we are running a 1 + 1 free promotion on our biodegradable products (you can recognize these products by the planet-friendly logo). You can share the products (for example) with a cycling buddy, so we only have to send one package and saving between 260 and 530 grams of CO2. To make it even greener, we plant a tree for every order over 39 euros.

What does planet-friendly mean for Dynamic?

At Dynamic performance and sustainability goes hand in hand. We develop biodegradable products that are not inferior in performance to their non-biodegradable counterparts. For some products, that’s easier said than done, because grease and oils are more difficult to make biodegradable without compromising performance. At Dynamic we make a distinction between products that remain on the bike (such as Slick Wax) and products that disappear directly into the soil (such as cleaning products). Cleaning products have a bigger negative impact on nature. Do you want the cleanest bike ever? Use the powerful Dirt Destroy Spray. This innovative foam spray is tough on dirt and planet-friendly. Dirt Destroy Spray can also be used without water!


A spray can has a bad reputation, however that’s not entirely true. For example, since 1989 it has been forbidden to use chlorofluorocarbons that deplete the ozone layer and all aluminum spray cans used by Dynamic are 100% recyclable. We also make the packaging of our orders more sustainable by using as little plastic as possible. Give our boxes a second life by using them again.

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