The Grand Tour Bundle

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The Grand Tour Bundle! The ultimate bike care bundle for road bikes, gravel bikes, MTB and e-bikes.

Degrease your chain with Drivetrain Detox, wax your chain with our super long lasting Slick Wax, give your bike a nice bath with our Badass Bubbles and finish it off with the Protective Wax. All essential tools included.

What’s inside?

1x Badass Bubbles
1x Dirt Destroy
1x Drivetrain Detox 1L
1x Brake Booster
1x Microfibre Glove
1x Claw Brush
1x Drivetrain Detailing Brush
1x Microfibre cloth
1x Luxury microfibre polishing cloth
1x Protective Wax
1x Allround Lube
1x Slick Wax
1x Mechanics Magic
1x Galactic Grease

The Grand Tour Bundle

All you desire in one special edition bundle! Limited stock!

The Grand Tour Bundle, what’s inside?

Badass Bubbles
Powerful planet-friendly bike cleaner concentrate. Mix with water to create a heavy-duty bike cleaning lemonade. Extremely effective, fast action formula. 100% safe for all bikes and bike parts, matt and glossy finishes and the environment.

Dirt Destroy
Foam in a spray can that makes cleaning your bike easy and fun. Suitable for glossy and matt frames, designed to clean your complete bike (also your chain, cassette and crankset), with or without water (e-bike safe) ánd it is biodegradable. Just spray, wash and go!

Drivetrain Detox 1L
Dynamic Drivetrain Detox is a revolutionary, water soluble and biodegradable cleaner for your complete drivetrain.

Brake Booster
Boost your braking performance with Dynamic Brake Booster. This brake cleaner helps to dramatically reduce brake squeal and quickly removes dirt, grime, oil and other contaminants.

Microfibre bike cleaning glove
Give your bike a thorough wash without getting your hands dirty with the Microfibre bike cleaning glove.

Claw Brush
The multifunctional Claw brush is perfect to clean your bike’s chain, cassette, derailleur and pulley wheels. The tool features three brushes with though nylon bristles and a claw for mud de-clogging.

Drivetrain Detailing Brush
Cleaning your drivetrain is an easy task with the Drivetrain detailing brush! The small size makes it a suitable tool to clean the narrowest areas of your drivetrain. The tough nylon bristles are ideal to remove all grease and grime from your chain, cassette and pulley wheels.

Microfibre cloth
The perfect cleaning cloth for all cleaning purposes: the Microfibre cloth. Use this cloth to clean, dry and polish your bike

Luxury microfibre polishing cloth
Finish your bike wash by drying and polishing your bike with the luxury microfibre polishing cloth. The extremely soft cloth is the perfect cloth to apply for example Protective Wax on your frame.

Protective Wax
Protect your bike and make it look like new with the Protective wax! It provides a satin like finish on glossy and matte frames.

Allround Lube 37ml
Dynamic All round lube will ensure that your drivetrain runs smoothly throughout the year with its ultradurable all-weather formula. The compact bottle of the Alpcross variant makes it ideal to take with you on the go, on a bikepacking trip of holiday.

Slick Wax 37ml
Chain wax that lasts super long, keeps your chain clean, dry and lets you enjoy a smooth and silent drivetrain. Easy to apply and maintain.

Mechanics Magic
Mechanic Magic is a multi-purpose wonder spray that lubricates, protects and penetrates. It loosens parts, reduces friction and leaves a long-lasting protective film that displaces water.

Galactic Grease
Galactic Grease is a planet-friendly, biodegradable grease from sustainable resources. Suitable for all purposes on and around bikes. This grease can be used for assembly, where it protects against (fretting) corrosion and wear.

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