Bio Drivetrain Detox

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Bio Drivetrain Detox
Bio Drivetrain Detox

The absolute best drivetrain degreasing spray that makes every drivetrain looks as new!

✅ For cleaning your complete drivetrain (chain, cassette, derailleur and crankset)
✅ Developed for heavy-duty work; cleans even waterproof lubricants and greases.
✅ Biodegradable and safe for your bike


Rinse the drivetrain area with clean water, and spray Drivetrain Detox on your chain, cassette, derailleur and crankset. Let the formula soak for 2-3 minutes before using a brush, cloth or sponge to agitate stubborn contamination. After cleaning the drivetrain area, rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Tip: use in combination with the Drivetrain detailing brush for the best results.

Do not use in direct sunlight or on hot surfaces and be extra cautious with non-factory paintjobs. Store in a cool and dry place and test an inconspicuous area before use. It is safe to use on all materials such as: metal, plastic, carbon, aluminum, steel, titanium, rubber and seals.

This cleaner rapidly removes grime, oil, wax and grease in a safe way. The planet friendly formula can easily be rinsed off with water and is the only cleaner of its kind that has no hazard symbols whatsoever! Drivetrain Detox is designed for heavy-duty cleaning and even works on waterproof lubricants and greases. Spray the formula directly onto your chain, cassette, derailleur and crankset with the trigger head or use Drivetrain Detox with a chain cleaner tool by pouring it from the bottle.

Customer Reviews

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Carlos Núñez Lahuerta (Brussels, BE)
In love

I'm just in love with this product

Thirza Verhoeven (Ochten, NL)
Supergoed spul!

Blij dat het zo goed werkt! Ik had er nog nooit van gehoord en was ook niet echt overtuigt dat het heel goed zou werken, maar het werkt fantastisch!

Jeffrie Janssen (Opende, NL)

Mijn éérste ervaring, tijdens The Ride Gravel, hebben me overtuigd het aan te schaffen. Geweldig spul, niet agressief voor onderdelen.

Lenny Chouffe (Strasbourg, FR)
Super efficace

Ce dégraissant est super efficace rarement vu de produit qui marchent aussi bien

Corné den Hollander (Singapore, SG)

Keurig werkende ontvetter, fijn ook dat het goed schuimt.