Badass Bubbles

Create a foam bath for your bike.
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Badass Bubbles
Badass Bubbles

Powerful planet-friendly bike cleaner concentrate. Mix with water to create a heavy-duty bike cleaning lemonade. Extremely effective, fast action formula. 100% safe for all bikes and bike parts, matt and glossy finishes and the environment.


Mix a splash of Badass Bubbles with water to create a bucket of foamy bike cleaner. Apply on your bike and components with a brush, sponge or glove. Leave for 2-3 minutes. Rinse with water and your bike looks new again!

Stop using dishwashing soap for bike cleaning!

Badass Bubbles is an effective, high performance and planet-friendly bike cleaner concentrate. Mix with water to create a heavy-duty cleaning lemonade. Developed with and tested by pro teams riders and mechanics.

Use Badass Bubbles with water to create a powerful foam that allows you to easily and safely clean every part of your bike, including the drivetrain. The concentrated formula is optimized to dissolve the most stubborn dirt. Badass Bubbles is 100% carbon safe and planet-friendly.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Thomas Van Der Donck (Deftinge, BE)
super good

ik gebrukk het altijd om mijn fiets mee te poetsen. Schuimt lekker en doet zijn werk.

Daniel Jong (Voorthuizen, NL)
Tubeless takeaway

Used it to get rid of dried sealant on my bike!

Erwin Horst (Epe, NL)
Goede bubbels

Een scheutje van de bubbels in een hoeveelheid water gedaan, dat in een IK foamsprayer zat en de bubbels zorgden voor een mooie schuimlaag, die de fiets prima schoon heeft gemaakt.
Erg tevreden met de bubbels :)

Juha Heikkinen (Oulu, FI)
Good product with perfect mix with water

It would be nice to know more in detail what is the perfect mixing ratio to get good results. A splash per bucket is actually not very specific. I spared, get little of bubbles but a clean bike! Nice. I used maybe 1 table spoon per 1/2 bucket.

Mustafa Oezkilic (Berlin, DE)
Simple and effective

Bad ass bubbles together with Drivetrain detox are my A Team to keep my bike clean