Slick Wax

Extremely durable chain wax.
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Slick Wax
Slick Wax

With Slick chain wax your drivetrain will run smooth, clean, and quiet. This often-chosen chain wax is ideal for all weather conditions. It reduces the friction in your chain, protects against corrosion and is extremely durable. Suitable for use on road bikes, gravel bikes and mountain bikes

✅ The ultimate all-round wax, suited for all weather conditions and bikes.

✅ Planet friendly. Slick Wax is fully biodegradable.

✅ No more black chain and cassette, Slick Wax keeps your drivetrain clean (and quiet).


First application:
Clean your chain and drivetrain really well, rinse with water afterwards to make sure there is no residue of the chain cleaner left. Let the chain, cassette and crankset dry out completely. Shake the bottle vigorously and apply 1 drop of Slick Wax on the inside and outside of every single chain link. Wait for 2-3 hours and apply a second drop to the inside and outside of every single chain link. Make sure to wait 2-3 hours before riding to get the best result. Remove excess wax with a brush or cloth if needed.

Run the chain through a cloth to remove any dirt or wax residue, you can also use a brush to remove residues from your cassette or pulley wheels. Apply 1 drop of Slick Wax to the inside and outside of every single chain link. For the best results, we advise to wait 2-3 hours before riding.

Slick Wax is a very durable and sophisticated chain lubricant. Carefree chain grooming is made simple with this biodegradable, planet friendly, wax-based lube. It protects your chain against corrosion, dirt and wear, makes it run smoother and quieter than ever whilst keeping your drivetrain dry and clean.

Oily chains are a thing of the past when you start using Slick Wax. Simply apply to a clean, dry chain and you will hardly ever have to degrease your chain again. Just reapply when necessary and remove any dirt or excess wax with a cloth or brush.

Suitable for all weather conditions and for all cycling disciplines. Whether it is your road bike, MTB, gravel or e-bike; you’ll only need 1 product to do the job. Using Slick Wax will extend the life of your drive train by up to 40% and it will #lastlonger on your chain than other chain waxes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great stuff!

After years of using an oil lube from a spray can I decided to switch to a more eco friendly alternative. Slick wax is great stuff for road and gravel. My drive train is more quiet, stays cleaner and the wax lasts much longer. It's a keeper!

Marcello Pabst
Works like a charm

Easy to apply, no chain tattoos anymore. Drive train is super clean and silent. Lasts about 250km and with the small bottle it's easy to reapply during longer rides.

Hans Wilms
Perfect wax

Perfecte wax, neemt weinig vuil aan.

stan van loon
Best wax ever

Not cheap but Great wax!

Steven Arnols
Slick wax

No nonsens wax , best wel tevreden over tov andere merken en laat ook minder vuiligheid achter op de ketting , derailleurwieltjes en casette